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Is your website what you wanted?

Or was you advised to settle for less?

Since I started in the Website Design and Development game around 8 years ago, I noticed right off the bat that a lot of the development companies (including one I worked for) were not as flexible as they perhaps could of been, and certainly not as flexible as I would of wanted them to be, putting myself in the clients shoes. I find it a growing problem with Website Development companies that, although internet technology has progressed they don't seem to want to move out of their comfort zone, and in most cases would much prefer people to settle for features they have already got in their code library. The problem with this methodology however is that although it is more convenient for the Development Company is often leaves the client wanting.

So I ask, if you have a website, did you get what you wanted? Did you have an amazing idea for a feature that you thought would be great but was told it was either not possible or even advised against it? I am not saying every idea is a great one and I agree development companies should advise against something if it truly will not work, but telling a client it can't be done or it wouldn't be practical just to save yourself some time doesn't seem very customer focused, especially for company trying to thrive in a "Service" industry.

With this in mind I myself, in the past and even recently have advised people against things that may not work for their website. BUT as a general rule we love to develop new features and software for the internet, we relish the idea of trying something new or developing something that hasn't been done before using new or existing technology. If a client comes to us with a great idea we are more then happy to take on the challenge and find a way to make it happen. I believe this is how all Web Development companies should conduct business as this is the best way to constantly push forward and stay innovative.

We have a range of ready made, website and software solutions, but in more then 70% of the websites we have created our clients needed the Software and/or Content Management System to do something more or something different, and in every occurrence we was only to happy to make it do it, so when all was finished they got EXACTLY what they wanted.

So to finish up, was this post just a way of plugging what we believe to be a great service? Well to be honest, Yes it was. But we also want to get people thinking, if you paid (which is to most people) a lot of money to have your perfect website built, at the end were you satisfied you got what you wanted and indeed paid for, and if not, why not.

If you didn't, then maybe finding a new Development Company should be on your to-do list. And if it already is, maybe you should talk to us. We don't bite and would love to talk with you about what you wished you could have got the first time round ;-)
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