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Please Note: We have changed the way we structure our payments.

From now on we will work out an estimate for the work you want us to carry out and we will require an upfront payment of 20-40% dependant on price and time scale. The reason for this is because during the design process we incur fee's, for example, wages, hosting bills, purchasing data and starting the promotion for your work.

Up until now in some cases we have carried out the work up front which can take a number of weeks to complete and then, we would in most cases wait many weeks for payment of invoice, during this time we still have to pay the above costs and this leaves us out of pocket, especially in the event of none-payment.

Please remember this is not an extra charge it comes off the final invoice amount, it is merely a safety precaution and to cover costs, we still offer a full refund in the event we fail to carry out the agreed work.

As far as we are aware all design companies do business this way, and this is normal practice for businesses in most sectors, we are sorry for any inconvenience the change may cause to our current clients, but hope you can understand the necessity of the process.

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